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Advertisers and Ad Managers... Welcome! This site allows efficient transfer of ads between advertisers and the 
Seventh-day Adventist Church's North American Division's nine union magazines.

Information for national buy advertisers is available in these PDF documents.

(See contact information for the coordinator at the bottom of this page.)


Download the free PDF Acrobat Viewer here.



Display Ad Information
How and when to order ad space and submit ads, ad sizes and requirements.

Deadline Schedule

Deadline Calendars

Frequency Contract
Fill out this interactive PDF form online. Print, sign and fax it to Nadine. Send a signed original with your first insertion order and check.

Map of Regions
Ads must be placed concurrently in at least 5 of the 9 union magazines to qualify as a National Buy.

E-Insertion Order
To reserve ad space, fill out this interactive PDF form online, then print and fax it to Nadine. Send an original of it with your check to arrive by the space reservation deadline. (See the monthly deadlines in the cell above.)

Anticipated Advertising Schedule
It pays to plan ahead! To "lock in" current ad rates for the duration of your frequency contract, fill in this interactive PDF form online then print and fax or mail it to the coordinator.

Rate Cards

Advertizers rates are guaranteed for the length of their 12-month frequency contract, no matter when it ends in the year.

PLEASE NOTE: Quarter-page ads are only available as national buys to advertisers who have signed an annual frequency contract for at least 4 half- or full-page national buy ads.

Classified Advertising in the NAD Union Magazines

Classified Ads are not available as national buys. The classified ad rates are simply made available here as a service. Read the instructions carefully.





Check Receipt Notification
Anticipated Advertising Schedule, AdSat

For more information, contact Nadine Dower,
North American Division National Buy Advertising coordinator at


or call her land line (360) 828-7146
during office hours in the Pacific Time zone

or cell at (360) 608-8114.

Mailing and delivery address:

NAD National Buy Advertising
Attn: Nadine Dower
PMB# 227 - 13023 NE Hwy 99, Suite 7
Vancouver, WA 98686

eFAX (360) 397-0690